Plastic Free July!


What is Plastic Free July?
(Aside from the obvious.) 
Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be a part of something bigger. A solution to plastic pollution. For cleaner oceans and air. 
Plastic Free July is about refusing single use plastic during the month of July.
Participating in PFJ will not only help you make useful swaps during the month but will also help develop life-long plastic free habits.
Whether you go big or go home or start small, use this month as an opportunity to make a difference. Big or small.
silicone food pouch
Getting started.  
Plastic Free July means a little bit of preparation to get you ready. Here are some handy solutions and swaps you can implement in the lead up to PFJ.
How you can do it.
Before you get started be sure you ask yourself these three simple questions:
  • Do I really need this?
  • Is there an option with less plastic packaging?
  • Is there an alternative made with recycled and sustainable materials?
By asking yourself these questions it will give you a guide on how to go about navigating Plastic Free July.
Food Storage
Let's consider the ways we store our food. Think about the countless rolls of cling wrap and foil we could save from going to landfill. Let's start by cleaning out the massive cupboard of unused containers you've got in your kitchen and put those babies to work. We can also look at how much food we waste on a day to day basis and how we can reduce that by keeping produce fresher for longer. Using silicone food pouches and food covers can keep not only produce fresh but leftovers too. Keeping them for a lot longer and minimising your overall food waste. 
silicone food covers
Coffee Cups
This is a super easy way to cut out single use/disposable packaging. By bringing your own cup instead of using a disposable one you can save 5 a week from going to landfill. That's 260 single use cups a year. If you forget your own cup you can still opt for having a dine in coffee. Bringing your own cup can also show others how easy it is to bring their own cup.
Plastic Shopping Bags
Ever get to the checkout and realise that you have forgotten your bags? Finding yourself awkwardly balance everything all the way to the car. 
Keep a stash of reusable bags in your car (somewhere you will see them before you go shopping). Investing in some good quality reusable bags will make sure that you remember them. You may even want to repurpose some old clothes or fabric into your own bags. By keeping special reusable bags around you can save up to 500 plastic bags a year from going into the rubbish.
Recycling during Plastic Free July
We've focused on ways we can reuse and reduce but now lets focus on recycling. Although we try hard to make sure that we are refusing plastic, no one can be perfect. We can only educate ourselves on how to recycle better.
Start by:
  • Googling what is recyclable in your area. (What items to seperate, rinse or to take to a specialist collection point).
  • Look at what can and can't go into your recycling bins.
  • Set up seperate bins for landfill, recycle and compost. This will make it easier to develop positive zero waste routines for the long run.
  • Get in the habit of rinsing jars and removing labels from recyclables.
We know it's not easy changing our life long ways but if we all start somewhere we can make a difference. A great way to continue to grow the positive impact of Plastic Free July is sharing the challenge with others. Spread the word and take the challenge!