Let's talk rubbish. I know, scandalous. (This is why we created One Small Step)


Why are we talking rubbish and why is it important?  

Australia is one of the most scenic, beautiful places in the world. With our island wrapped in idyllic beaches, red dirt and plenty of forests. We often take for granted the environment around us. 

That is why we're going to talk some hard facts. 

  • Australia is one of the largest contributors of waste in the world. Considering the size of our country, that is insane.
  • We use about 4 billion plastic bags a year and produce 370,000 tonnes of waste a year.
  • That equates to 400kg of waste per family, per year. This includes food waste. 

I know right. That's a lot of waste, what the actual heck. 

When all of this rubbish starts to decompose it produces methane gas. One of the most significant reasons that our globe is heating up. 

It's not just the impact that our waste has on global warming but, our oceans too. You know how earlier I said that Australia is wrapped in beaches? Well this is where it becomes a problem.

  • Around 1 million of our ocean creatures die every year due to the rubbish floating around in our waterways. 

We created One Small Step to help everyday Aussies make the commitment to change the way they live. To reduce our contribution to our overall waste.

We want to make it easy, so easy that we want to have an abundance of products to make this change go as smoothly as it possibly can.  So, let's do this. We have the power of the people on our side. Not just as individuals, but as a group of people who want to make a difference and we can

One Small Step for man and one giant leap for our environment.